Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation

Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation is a charitable, indigenous, not-for-profit Children and Youth development organization, registered with a mandate of involving and empowering children and youth to fight against HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, alleviate poverty through the use of their talents to improve their livelihoods, realize their potential and discover their worth through participatory and advocacy activities.   

Since 2008, the organization has been involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness and sensitization programmes, Poverty alleviation programmes, Educational programmes and offered orphanage and foster care activities. Through its programmes, the organization has acquired many volunteers from different schools, communities and universities and these have disseminated information and offered counseling services to their fellow youth of different communities and have offered referral where possible.

Through the use of Music, Dance and Drama, Talk shows, Educative shows, Training workshops, Conferences, Debates, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, and other community empowerment activities, we have enabled children and youth vulnerable groups participate in the socio-economic development.