Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haven member chosen to be part of the Gen.change charpter

Generation Change is a youth-led global network dedicated to empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders. It provides a platform for the free exchange of ideas across borders and cultures, and a community of peers and mentors who use their collective resources to positively impact communities locally and globally. Generation Change hopes to build a strong network of young leaders who are positively influencing their communities now and will continue doing so in the years to come. This network can provide a forum for exchanging ideas and creating projects that can have impact on a global scale, both through offline events and online connections. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has declared members of Generation Change in the United States “unofficial ambassadors on behalf of our country.”

Mayanja Jamila was selected from Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation to represent the organization as a person who creates change in the lives of other youth in schools and communities. Here are some of the pictorials of her work;

 Mayanja Jamila presenting Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation at the Launch of Generation Change Uganda Chapter
 Mayanja Jamila at the Ted-X Conference in Bukoto with youth inspirational speakers
 Generation change members donating mattresses at Mulago Hospital 
 The Generation Change team members at a training at Hotel Africana
Mayanja Jamila with the US Ambassador to Uganda at the Generation change event 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation

Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation is a charitable, indigenous, not-for-profit Children and Youth development organization, registered with a mandate of involving and empowering children and youth to fight against HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, alleviate poverty through the use of their talents to improve their livelihoods, realize their potential and discover their worth through participatory and advocacy activities.   

Since 2008, the organization has been involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness and sensitization programmes, Poverty alleviation programmes, Educational programmes and offered orphanage and foster care activities. Through its programmes, the organization has acquired many volunteers from different schools, communities and universities and these have disseminated information and offered counseling services to their fellow youth of different communities and have offered referral where possible.

Through the use of Music, Dance and Drama, Talk shows, Educative shows, Training workshops, Conferences, Debates, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, and other community empowerment activities, we have enabled children and youth vulnerable groups participate in the socio-economic development.